Strategic Branding & Marketing Strategy

If you are interested in finding a more effective way to engage with your customers or refresh your company’s image, then a Branding and Marketing Strategy project may be what you need. Projects that involve creating or redefining the brand values and position can be supported under EDG. Building a new marketing strategy to better communicate your offerings or services is important in differentiating your business from the competition. Projects can also support partnerships, product diversification studies, and overseas market research.

Typical Activities of a Branding Project:

  • Brand audits and customer research to identify strengths and gaps, market insights and find growth opportunities
  • Creation of company’s brand strategy, including identifying unique selling points and development of a communication strategy
  • Development of visual brand assets that align with the market landscape
  • Training and workshops to create brand champions within your own organization

Marketing Strategy Projects often will include:

  • Market research to identify gaps in your company’s current marketing plan, gain customer insights and understand industry trends to better develop a new marketing strategy
  • Identify market landscape position, unique value proposition and marketing objectives
  • Implementation of a strategic roadmap to align and improve marketing plan

Non-supportable Activities

  • Production of marketing collaterals or purchase of items for marketing plans
  • Execution of brand roadmaps, marketing campaigns including online and offline activities such as SEM, SEO, retainer fees, advertising, ad purchases eg.