Financial Management

Your organisation will undergo this financial management project if you wish to evaluate your current financial state of business or if you wish to prepare for the next stage of corporate growth. The project can focus on revenue growth, cost-saving measures through financial modeling. By developing methods to better invest revenue, optimise financial resources and allocate internal assets, your company can drastically improve profitability and sustainability.

Typical Activities

  • Develop a robust new framework to manage and deploy resources
  • Examine and enhance framework to better manage internal governance and promote stakeholder accountability
  • Audit business practices to create a stronger risk management system
  • Create a corporate financial strategy to help with change management and mergers and acquisitions

Non-supportable Activities

  • Costs associated with business operation compliance such as accounting and tax filing.
  • Legal documentation for mergers and acquisitions
  • One time business valuations, documentation for investor valuation projects, and purchase price allocation
  • ICT solutions