Intellectual Property

If your company needs to engage an intellectual property professional to assist in the development of an IP management system as well as to provide consultancy to ensure that your company is protected and does not infringe on any competitors. IP refers to intangible assets and proprietary content developed such as (not limited to) trade secrets, copyrights and patents.

Typical Activities

Projects usually involve either one or both of the following:

  • IP protection
    • IP management: Audit of your current IP management process and establish an IP management system/IP policy
    • IP search: Perform freedom-to-operate/infringement in different countries as well as keyword searches to ensure your product does not overlap with another IP
  • IP exploitation
    • Perform research and build an IP management system which can ensure that copycats do not steal your valuable assets and property.
    • IP strategy: Integrate your IP strategy into your business strategy to create a mechanism to generate income from licensing or franchising

Non-supportable Activities

  • Stand-alone IP registration costs that are peripheral to the project
  • Franchise development projects
  • Multiple legal fees for patents and freedom-to-operate searches without clear rationale